Méthode - Blanc

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Let's get the party started! Let's pop the bottles and clink! Chenin expresses its freshness and energy in this festive and fruity sparkling wine.

This "méthode traditionnelle" is elaborated by the book, like the grand sparkling wines. After a 6 month vinification in a vat, our wine undergoes a second fermentation in our cellars that lasts 12 months. We then twist and tilt the bottles, little by little, to remove the sediment. The fineness of the bubbles associated with the Chenin elegance produces a crisp and fresh wine with aromas of apple and grapefruit. In the mouth, the flavors are still there, enhanced by citrus aromas.


Two versions of this wine, brut (dry) or demi-sec (semi dry). Whichever you pick, it's A brilliant choice for festive evenings. Can be kept up to 5 years. Serve chilled. (6*C)

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